2x Hochstrom + 1x PIG Filtration Package

2x Hochstrom + 1x PIG Filtration Package

Summit Research
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Summit Research offers a filtration package that includes essential components for filtration :

Hochstrom Filter

The Hochstrom High Flow Filter is the fastest unit on the market. It’s unique design allows it to operate under half vacuum pressure for full flow. Our peers & customers have reported the high flow surface area to be equivalent to a 18-24″ table-top unit. These units have a huge basin, but small holes, really preventing it from being efficient for it’s size. A table top or small buchner filtration unit will have flow issues due to the solution warming up and redissolving past the filtration medium. You also get the fluid rushing around the filter media as well as a large surface area for liquids to warm up. We have achieved maximum efficiency in a much shorter time for filtration. This prevents items from warming up and redissolving and/or not securing. The Hochstrom filter is the last filter you will ever need to buy. Summit Research, only the best. 2x Hochstrom + 1x PIG Filtration Package.

20L Filter Bottle

The 20L Filter Bottle is another original Summit Research product, going above and beyond to deliver a modified and custom filtration bottle. We chose to use genuine Schott media bottles. Had our shop mount the bottle on a lathe and remove the bung section while replacing it with a rodaviss female end. Summit have the highest quality modular caps custom made with male rodaviss joints. These flawless HEAVY DUTY glass filtration bottles are one of kind and found only at Summit. Accept no imitations, comes with rodaviss wet-seal parts and GL14 connections.

High Flow Paper for Hochstrom

Stage 1 – 1000pcs of 20u chemical duty papers. Stage 2 – 1000pcs of 8u chemical duty papers. Stage 3 – 500pcs of sub 1u chemical duty 100% borosilicate papers(no chemical binder grade AE). All papers made in USA with no questionable composition, and no import junk. Straight up, best high flow papers you’ll ever use.

PIG Filter

This patented made in USA (pressurized inert gas) PIG Filtration System eats material. At an idle flow of 500 gallons per hour under winterization temperatures reported speeds exceeding 8 gallons per minute of filtration power. We are the Sole distributor of this product in our industry. Do not forget your PIG papers. Summit strives to bring new things to market and ensure the needs are met.