GD Chiller: GD-C-7H-1LC: Two Circuit Low Temp Chiller Package

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Chiller Package consists of the
Phase/Voltage) Low Temp

Chiller Package
consists of the following:
-Ability to control your process down to
-Engineered high efficiency heat
exchanger for maximum energy
-Low Temp Dynalene Pump
-Dynamic Fluid bypass valve
-Insulated stainless steel Dynalene
reservoir with level indicator and
aux ports
-All insulated copper piping
-ETL 508A listed complete control panel
w/single point electrical
connection, breakers , starters & safety
-High and low pressure controls
-Freeze stat safety switch
-High temp alarm
-Low ambient control
-Anti cycle timer to prevent short
cycling of compressor
-On/pump down/off switch
-Dual Stage Digital temperature
controller for simple operation
-Supply and return ball valves
-Fully powder coated steel frame
-Powder coated aluminum housing
rated for outdoor use
-Louvered access panels for easy
service and maintenance
-Factory-Run tested and fully charged
w/ refrigerant
-2 year parts warranty
-1 year