ChemChix Contacts

An important portion of the ChemChix mission is putting the right people in contact with each other. My business for years has been built around connecting the correct people together to make business smoother and easier for all involved. When one person in the community wins then we all win. So on this page you will find contacts from a little bit of everything that you may need to start your own lab. 



Nikki McGinley

Phone: (720) 514-2787
ExtractionTek Solutions – Closed Loop Hydrocarbon Extractors

Contact this Chemchix for all of your Hydrocarbon & Ethanol Extraction Equipment Needs.

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 Maconha Consulting:


Chris Berry

Phone: (916) 458-2711

Over a decade of Cannabis Experience, with a majority of those years focused on extraction. Chris has a specialty in hydrocarbon extraction and proficient in a variety of post processing techniques. Services include:
  • Chromatography Remediation / Aqua Tech
  • General CRC Filtration
  • Closed Loop System Design and Installation
  • Scaling processing operations
  • Product Development
  • Standard Operating Procedures for various processing operations.
  • Daily Operations and Procedures.
  • Staff Training and Remote Managing
Currently located in the heart of Oklahoma City, with various clients around the state, as well as Oregon and California. Chris is available to travel anywhere your facility is located within the United States.


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Clear Extraction Solutions: 


Cory North

Phone:(949) 383-0393

 1 hour free phone or FaceTime introductory consultation! 

Creative and committed, Cory has spent 16 years within the cannabis industry and 10 years focused on cannabis extraction and concentrated products. Very business minded and cost conscious when it comes to managing operations or project developments. Located in Southern California but is available to travel for consultations. Specialties include but are not limited to: 

  • Molecular Filtration
  • Chromatography
  • Refinement 
  • Separations 
  • Product design 
  • Nano emulsions 
  • Mechanical repairs 
  • Troubleshooting 
  • System designs
  • Lab and Layout designs 

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Murphy Murri


Murphy Murri


Murphy is a certified problem solver with references, resources, and unparalleled insight to the diverse and developing Cannabis and Hemp Industries in North America.

Bridging the gap between Extraction Science & Commercial Manufacturing Equipment, Murphy connects people and products in the Cannabis Market to the producers and processes that help them reach their goals.

When you have questions, Murphy provides objective, quantifiable answers. The solutions you're looking for are hidden in the myriad variables impacting your business. Her specialty is knowing which ones to control, and how.

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Madison Smith



Madison Smith

Phone: (720) 936-9659

A 29 time award winning extractor with 11 years of legal cannabis industry experience. Madison has worked with such names as Green Solution and LivWell. Has managed groups of 40 plus teams.

  • Cannabis Extractor
  • Consulting & Training
  • SOP's
  • Build Out & Facility Design
  • Troubleshooting 
  • Product Development